A new dating platform for kinky people

About Us

KinkedIn is a new dating app for kinky people which will launch on a rolling basis over the next few years. A thoroughly vetted community in which to play, discover new connections through our match algorithm, and build upon existing connections (including your connection with yourself!) through our kinky resources and learning tools.

We celebrate and respect folks of all genders, orientations, bodies, abilities, and backgrounds, so we aim to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

KinkedIn is NOT for people under the age of 18, or for anyone who is not thoroughly interested in communication + respecting boundaries + enthusiastic consent.

Our Values


No matter who you are and what you are into, there are people out there who are looking for precisely YOU! KinkedIn will connect you to those you are craving to meet and play with, and to those who are craving to meet and play with you.


Whether you are into being dominated, dominating, spanking, gags and chains and whips, people with tattoos, chastity devices, foot worship, fisting, chakra energy exploration, cock and ball torture, nipple clamps, puppy play, rough sex, teasing, or so much more, you are more than ok, and you are not alone. KinkedIn is a community of people dedicated to respecting each other while expressing their fullest selves.


No one can look in your eyes and know precisely how you want to be used or worshipped or flogged or served. At KinkedIn, we are passionate about providing you with tools to communicate about your deepest desires because we know that when you clearly ask for what you want, you are much more likely to get it. And when everybody involved is enthusiastically in favor of everything that is going on, everybody wins!


We are passionate, kinky individuals who deeply believe that when everybody celebrates and expresses their full sexual selves from a place of wholeness, we are building toward a world that is much more whole (and exciting!) for everybody. We know from experience that, since there are not a lot of models for talking about sex (especially not in talking about things that go beyond the strictly vanilla), it can be really difficult to make connections with like-minded people. With so many recent technological advances, we think it is silly that a better platform for learning and connecting doesn’t exist yet, so we feel we have a mandate to create one. Through this app and beyond this app, we are passionate about being an active part of the wider culture shifts we would like to see.

Luke Krafka


Luke Krafka (BM '07, MM '09 in Cello Performance at the Boston Conservatory and Certificate at Aaron Copland School of Music '15), has given both chamber and solo recitals in Boston, New York City and Western Europe. Mr. Krafka has attended numerous music festivals around the world including the Heifetz International Music Festival, Meadowmount School of Music, Salem New Music Festival and the Casalmaggiore International Music Festival in Italy. Along with a very active orchestral, chamber and teaching career, Mr. Krafka is the founder and artistic/director of the Halcyon Chamber Series, a classical chamber series featuring some of the top performers in NYC with a focus on bringing performances to spaces and audiences that would never have the opportunity. He is also starting the Halcyon Project, a mission to bring newly commissioned works together with collaborations outside the norm to create new ways to communicate with all types of audiences.

Having performed all over the world, one of the most important things to him is self-expression and having the freedom to do so. Whether we are talking about music, art, or sex, having the freedom to be who you want, with whomever you wish, with no stigma attached is something that has always been a focal point of his to fight for, and that is why he joined together with this amazing team to bring this platform to anyone who wants that opportunity.

Orion S. Johnstone

Content Director

Orion S. Johnstone is a transgender faggot witch, a kinky and Queer-as-fuck/care-centered community minister, writer, theater director, composer, sex educator, muckraker and lover, living with chronic illness. First and foremost, they dance with the question: “who and how might we be together most bravely in light of our collective liberation?”

Their sex and relationships coaching practice includes both individual and group offerings and has been open for over a decade now. As a thought leader in the realm of sexuality from a place of wholeness, they have allied with TORCH, the Pop-Up Museum of Queer History, and the Planned Parenthood Activist Council, and interviews with them have been featured in publications from the Advocate to HuffPo to Playboy.

They were a founding member of Alt*Div: a new alternative divinity school for soulful community builders, with an emphasis on Queering as a spiritual practice, and they studied Justice Ministries at Auburn Seminary. Their acclaimed, highly collaborative theater work is rooted in ritual and direct action as an extension of their ministry.

They are fired up about KinkedIn itself and also about the wider culture shifts that KinkedIn is an active part of!

Alice Q. Wong


Alice, our technical co-founder, is obsessive about using technology to deconstruct pre-existing barriers in communities in order to bring people together. She dreams that one day, no one will ever feel alone, shameful, or weird for their unique tastes, preferences, and kinks.

Previously, Alice worked as a Mobile Software Engineer at JW Player, and as a Full-stack Engineer at Peloton Cycle, Bytemark, and Northrop Grumman. She now brings her design experience, development skills, and nuanced insights from online dating platforms to the KinkedIn team to help support and build our community and promote exploration of self and sexuality.

Alice supports platforms that connect people together based on their shared values, interests, and quirks, because she believes that finding safe spaces for one’s self-expression and solidarity in a community are fundamental to our happiness.

Every week Alice challenges herself to learn from people whose life experiences and background are very different from hers, so she’s excited to discover how her perspective will continue to expand as she develops the infrastructure to support and nurture the KinkedIn community.

Alice spends her free time learning music theory to improve her composition skills, and she’ll never turn down a deep dive into LGBTQ issues, education reform, and neuroscience.

Community Accountability Team

This team is made up of trauma-informed professionals with a background in transformative justice and consent education. In the spirit of being a part of those aforementioned wider culture shifts, this team is currently crafting the aftercare function of the app as well as accountability policies/procedures for how reports of abuse are heard and handled. If you'd like to learn more about the values of the Community Accountability team, you are welcome to read more here.



Cavanaugh Coury Quick is a queer, trans, kinky, polyamorous, AfroLatinx adventurer with a passion for critical thought and personal autonomy. Using art and media analysis alongside introspective, strengths-based techniques, he assists folks of all ages in exploring the intersections of their personal and professional identities, beliefs, and behaviors.

Cavanaugh‘s work focuses on cultivating leadership and responsibility. He engages participants as they investigate institutional systems of oppression and strategies for interpersonal support in their professional and personal communities. In addition to counseling and community organizing, Cavanaugh teaches comprehensive sexual health and relationship education and offers consultation, technical assistance, and training for service providers focused on the needs of queer and trans people across multiple areas. He is a New York State certified sexual assault crisis counselor and his work in sexual wellness is trauma-informed. He believes that having honest conversations with ourselves about our wants and needs is absolutely critical to our survival as individuals and communities, and is excited to help facilitate safe and confident exploration for KinkedIn users.


Kay Cohen is a white, trans, queer, kinky human who is interested in the ways that authentic connection, consent, collaboration, and accountability bring us closer to ourselves and each other and strengthen our communities. A licensed social worker and therapist in Pennsylvania, Kay honors the expertise we each hold over our individual experiences and is dedicated to supporting folks in their reclamation of self, sexuality, body, and play. In addition to therapy, they worked for five years with the Philly Survivor Support Collective supporting those impacted by sexual violence with multi-level supports grounded in anti-oppression and survivor self-determination. A perpetual student of healing from trauma, Kay grieves the many ways in which interpersonal and systemic trauma impact our lives, and fiercely celebrates the extraordinary ways we forge lives and connections despite these ruptures.

Kay is excited to be a part of the KinkedIn team and to work together to actualize active care, consent, and accountability in an online community where you hold the right to your body and your self, the right to be safe, and the right to feel good!


Advisory Board

The advisory board is a collection of bold thought leaders in the realms of kink and sexuality. We are honored to be in active conversation with and accountable to each of them, and they are a big part of keeping KinkedIn rooted in our core values of radical welcome and anti-oppression. Please take a moment to learn more about them and their work!

Celena Morrison

The Mazzoni Center

Jaki Griot

Perverts of Color

Jillian Keenan

Jillian Keenan

Author of Sex with Shakespeare

Robin Wilson-Beattie




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